I’m Suspicious of Certain Writers

Ten possible reasons why someone with thousands of followers on Medium follows no one else

Jen McGahan


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I once followed a copywriter on Twitter because I liked his articles (obviously) and he tweeted out links whenever he published them. I noticed that he had a ridiculously large following compared to the number of people he followed. One day, I shared one of his articles in my tweet, and mentioned his name. Nice, social thing to do on a social site, right?

Did he DM me? Respond? Say thanks? Mention me? Nope. I didn’t expect him to... But I also didn’t expect him to retweet my tweet and add the Twitter handle of one of his few Tweeps and comment — to him — about my tweet. Like it was some kind of personal joke or convo between them.

I felt used.

There are egos on Medium, too

Occasionally, I read something excellent on Medium and go to the profile page of the author to follow him or her. The lack of interaction from certain writers on Medium makes me wonder why they’re here at all. Sometimes it makes me worry about them a little.

I realize many good and popular writers have more followers than people they follow. If you’re a regular producer of content here, or on any social site, you know that many people are lurkers only. They follow others but produce no content themselves. There’s no need to get all worked up about following back or even reading their stuff. There’s nothing to read anyway.

But many times, the writer seems to be just a little high on his fans. They have their columns in their national magazines and websites, and they publish here on Medium, too. I understand wanting to increase one’s readership, but I don’t understand using a social site to get that.

Writers who don’t follow others also do not reply to comments, by the way.

If the writing is good I follow them anyway

I’d rather not miss something they wrote. I am an avid reader. If I really connect (albeit one-way) with an author, it’s usually worth the fangirl status to be one of their many.



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