I was riveted by this dreadful story because my daughters death, which is currently being investigated as a homicide, according to the medical examiner is “not inconsistent” with what is suicide might look like. While there is proof the suspect tampered with the evidence and with her corpse; it’s the domestic abuse, the isolation, the emotional abuse, and history of violence that seem to be the most powerful proof of his involvement. Unfortunately, I am late in understanding of patterns of abuse, and without the medical examiner’s understanding of this, I fear the murder will not be brought to trial by the state. It seems the same system that doesn’t protect victimized women, also goes out of its way to protect their abusers. I understand that guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, but oh, the parts of the story that are being left out!

I wish I could write as well as you, and tell my daughters story. She was only 21, and now I am learning, and uncovering her unhappy final year in bits and pieces as if trying to solve this crime on my own.

Your journalism is astounding. Thank you. I ordered your book, “We Are Not Such Things,” and look forward to reading it.

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